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At ChampX we strive to develop elite level youth golfers by instilling the values and expertise needed to be successful on the golf course, in the classroom, and in life.

"Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character."
-Arnold Palmer

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The ChampX Philosophy

The ChampX philosophy is based on three fundamental principles:

Coach vs. Instructor

At ChampX, we believe there is a difference between a coach and a golf instructor.  An instructor focuses only on the improvement of golf technique and mechanics. A coach provides technical training as well as fitness recommendations, sport psychology training, on-course strategy, supervised practice, tournament schedule preparation, and general advice.  Our coaching staff is comprised of PGA of America certified professionals who take pride in being a coach and developing long-term relationships with each student.

Pod System

While golf is an individual sport, we believe in creating a team atmosphere with our students. ChampX full time students are arranged into small groups, also known as pods.  Each pod trains together and competes with other pods, cultivating teamwork, competition, and camaraderie.


We do not believe in a general instruction methodology for all students, as no two golf swings are identical.  With this in mind, we do believe all students can benefit from the use of a pre-shot routine; specifically including visualization. Training with this approach helps ChampX students perform at a high level during intense competitive pressure.

The three principles of the ChampX philosophy (coaching, the pod system, and visualization training) have proven to be successful in developing elite junior golfers.  As a result, ChampX students have secured multiple junior national championships and college golf scholarships.

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